Monday, August 25, 2014

Thoughts on Creativity

Whatever 'it' is, the notion that 'it' can be done either 'right' or 'wrong' is one of the largest obstacles to dissolve when creating. You can replace the idea of right and wrong with any number of words. Try: perfect, lovely, good, acceptable, something others appreciate, you name 'it'.

The space between what arises in the heart and mind as a vision you would like to create and the completion of this idea in physical form is #Creativity. "But how do I create?" I hear you ask.

First of all, I HEAR you. I have sat with the terror of beginning something new. I have sat with it for minutes, hours, days and then when it comes to the biggest dreams of my life I have sat with the terror of beginning for years and even decades. There. Phew. A true confession. Wow. First time I have told the truth on that. Such a relief.

I've spent a lot of time and energy delaying the start of the projects dearest to my heart by staying on the sidelines of life dwelling in the fear of doing it right.

I was sitting in a bank recently and overheard the manager telling someone about a quote from Thomas Edison.
“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”  Light bulbs (he he) flashed brightly in my head. Yes! This is the view, exactly! Wherever, however, I internalized that my first time out I will get things the way I want, THIS is an underlying belief to transform.

My imagination is vivid and detailed. And when I am honest some of my visions are so large that taking them from the dream inside my head into the reality of the physical world is going to take time and work. It is that simple.

I want to acknowledge that moving in to NEW means that I (you, we) do not know how to do it yet. Or have not done it this way before. Creativity is fundamentally a life lived in new, unexplored, yet to be done (at least by you in the way you bring yourself to the work), an exploration, an exercise, an experiment....

You bring all the skill sets you have so far in life, and necessarily you will learn a lot. Learning means trying and possibly not finding the way that works, YET. I imagine a baby learning to walk. Stand up, plop down. Stand up, fall over. Stand up hold on. Stand up, balance. On and on goes this growth. Taking a step. Falling down and splitting a lip, bonking the head...all of this to say...try 'it'...go try 'it' NOW! You have at least one cheerleader, me, on the sidelines delighted you are IN the creativity game.

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