Friday, August 22, 2014

True Teachers

I've recently been in conversations around who qualifies as a 'True Teacher'. This inquiry comes out of a conversation in which I shared with a friend an area of my life where I am actively engaged in creating change. My dear friend holds a firm conviction that True Teachers are necessary to create lasting change in your life and that a True Teacher might be necessary for me to enact the changes I wish to make. I have to admit that I have small alarm bells that go off when I hear this. I also recognize what a relief it is to meet an other who has wisdom and experience and offers clarity when the murkiness of life obscures the path ahead. Someone who can say "This way!"

A smaller flock.
Last December I was standing outside on a mild day near the ocean and heard them before I saw them. Overhead, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of geese flying in one giant loose undulating V shape. A mesmerizing site. Group after group with one goose in the lead of smaller Vees...all aiming in a direction....made up this impressive migration. Watching over time it was clear that the lead goose changed. Research about migration yields interesting truths. The flock flies further when in formation. It takes a lot of strength for the first goose to lead the way. The leader moves from the front to the rear becoming a follower where drafting is easier when the lead goose has become tired. There is a constant rotation.

In those moments watching the geese I felt immediately how it is possible for this to be true for humans as well. Humanity is birthing a paradigm shift (sometimes called the great turning) one element of which is top down leadership moving to a style that supports a way for the wisdom of all to come forward. This is not a small topic.

Some of my meditation is around recognition of how everyone I encounter is a teacher who holds wisdom...if I will only search for the gems offered when they are not immediately obvious. And when it comes to those who call themselves True Teacher....well...then I am curious about what they are aiming for and if it is where I want to be heading. In any case it is my conviction that I really do know best  what is important to learn when I allow myself enough quiet to listen to my inner voice. Hearing from a wide range of others, (professional, gifted, wise, learned, kindly hearted) is quite helpful for perspective, and ultimately only I can choose the best course for myself.

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