Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Remaining in an Open Heart through Expansion and Contraction

It is just not possible to stay in the high of magic days. That is not the point. I attended twelve step meetings for years and heard people over and over again confessing their idea that the goal was to never feel bad if they followed the steps. And I have had this illusion take hold more than once around what staying in my open heart means. Being in an open heart is not about which emotions are currently flowing through. Feeling love is not only euphoria. Feeling love is allowing everything and staying with an open heart. Sitting under the apple tree I am captivated by the full range and degree of open blossoms. I don't judge the closed blossom as less, in fact to my eye it has a hue more enchanting than the fully open neighbor. Both and rather than either or. So these ordinary days are my opportunity to practice staying with my heart fully open and be gentle as I feel less than stellar in my emotions.

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