Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mystical Hummingbird

They came to sit in my hands, twice, in one day. Their timing as subtle and brilliant as dolphin. Each time it was after a phone call with people that have presented me with the most refined opportunities to love. People who have offered me lessons on the difference between seduction and love. Martin Prechtel says Love is not about what I is about what Love wants. Seduction is acting in ways to get what I want. In both of these relationships I have deeply longed for what I want. In one for decades. In the other for years. On this day when hummingbird came to land in my hand I made a ceremony to release a particular pattern of fear around staying open in my heart. A week before I had made ceremony to release patterns about what I need and want around one of these relationships.  I participated in a ceremony to let love in. During these calls I felt love and seduction both suggesting how to be present and chose to rest in love, free from the grip of what I want. Hummingbird came to me after each call. I felt love vibrate through me, very high light. I receive it as a healing for my own heart and for those two special humans I adore. There is such spaciousness in the love of a hummingbird....big freedom....and it is a tender gift to shepherd with great care.

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