Saturday, April 25, 2015

The rewards of a deep Sit.

Lilac is a plant kingdom equivalent of Shibuya Crossing. I didn't take photos when I was in Shibuya, I was in awe and having an aha moment. Take a look at these images for an idea. Lilac feels the same way. I am compelled to go out each day and sit. I watch the air traffic above wishing it was possible to capture all the action this plant calls in. This plant is where IT is happening.
It is deeply soothing to simply sit and watch the show. I am learning much nuance about butterfly. How to sit so they come in close. How to move so they don't all scatter and disappear. How to melt myself and be with the entire audio, visual, sensual scene. From the most humble to regal, all come here for what can only be called a love in. All these beings come to make love with lilac. And lilac provides her life sustaining nectar. Euphoria in the garden. My heart makes love with all of this. They make love with me.

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