Saturday, February 7, 2015

Call of the Wild...Frogs

I have dear friends who travel the world meeting different spiritual communities and joining them to learn from wisdom teachings. Occasionally I join in. It’s a big world with many delicious teachings to encourage awareness.

Today I was walking a trail through the forest, a trail I’ve walked countless times. Over the 17 years of living in one place, a place in the literal wilderness, I am struck by what it is possible to learn by staying in one place with a conscious intention to slow down and be quiet.

My friends and I go into other communities and join in meditations, vision quests, rituals, ceremonies, yoga and other pursuits. But just this moment as I write these words there is an orchestra of frog song just outside my door with such volume as to drown out all else. It crescendos at night with small practice sessions throughout the day. Living for 17 years with a two month cycle of frog song each winter is one of the richest rituals of all.

It is a song to life. A song to the ultimate possibility of more life yet to come. And year after year this incredible song continues. I have heard it said that frogs are an indicator species. When an environment is polluted the frogs, being ever so sensitive, are among the first creatures to die. I am grateful to live in a healthy place where there are few songs of human made origin and this amphibious ode to joy, this ode to the incredible immediacy of sensuous life in the making, and live in the meditation of the forest itself.

All told a modest count indicates that I have listened approximately 23,040 hours to the frogs. Their music actually vibrates my body. That vibration, in the numbers that are outside my door, is significant. There are tens of thousands of frogs singing. Imagine being vibrated for two months each year in the ecstasy of pure living!

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