Friday, February 6, 2015

Changing the energetics of patterned behaviors.

What are patterns? In human interactions patterns are those behaviors that are done over and over again. Waking up in the morning and kissing your sweetie is a pattern. Patterns can be simple or complex. Productive or frustrating. Patterns can move us in the directions of our dreams or they can be the recurring themes that thwart our progress to that we dream about.

The recognition of patterns takes intention. Having the desire to focus and concentrate on the melody of emotions as they play through the chapters of your life will greatly increase your chance of noticing patterns. It does take some work to unearth, uncover and notice patterns. The good news is that life is the playground to do this work if you desire. Why bother? To the extent that you know your patterns you are able to begin to be present in your life right now. Free. Make new choices unencumbered by the past.

Dare to take charge of your life rather than let autopilot programs run the show. A teacher of mine, Martin Prechtel, says ‘make as many mistakes as fast as possible’. I love this. It is only by doing something badly that we can ever get to find a better way. A wonderful book called the Practicing Mind, by Thomas M. Sterner, echoes this idea. We can’t get to new behaviors without learning. Watch a baby if you’d like a primer on how to do this.

Each pattern carries an emotional and energetic signature. Your key to make changes lies in noticing the feeling states, sitting with them, remaining curious and neutral, then letting yourself settle in to what lies beneath. Breathe.

There are many techniques to creating a new emotional state in yourself. Some people self medicate. Others use meditation or yoga. Tapping is exceptional in releasing the places where emotions are stored in the body. Dance!

A third eye exercise helps to rewire the circuitry. When you notice the emotions surfacing form a recognized pattern you have investigated and identified and are ready to release use this technique. Put your hands in a fist with the thumbs out. Press the thumbs into the small indent on your temple. Put your arms out to the side. Hum and think satanama vibrating your head. Imagine white light coming down into your head and going out of the spot between your eyebrows, the third eye. Imagine this going around in a circle. Do this for 5-7 minutes as often as your find yourself returning to patterned emotions.

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