Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tuning in to the Value of Nature

Thinking, today, about how much courage it takes to step fully in to the people we most wish to be. It takes a ton of determination and practice to be that person we can see in our imagination. Or maybe it isn’t a matter of imagination but rather reaching deep inside to retrieve those deepest dreams and hopes and dare to live in to them, in spite of all the obstacles both apparent and invisible.

Living a long life guarantees suffering, somewhere, somehow. Having the ability to grieve deeply and find joy easily are important tools. Cultivating the inner life in such a way that we become resilient, flexible and fluid is key. Indispensable to the journey: deep self love.

Listening to the frogs it is impossible to ignore that life desires to live and do it abundantly. The life surging from earth near spring is undeniable. The challenge is to live in such a way that I get out of my way and follow the rhythms of nature, let life course riotously in its time, or hibernate. Following the lead of nature, tuning in so that I notice what the world that I live in is up to.

Moving out of the ways I live in which nature has no part can be fearsome. Placing importance on the value of attunement with the natural world in a modern society can be counterintuitive to the modern brain. But, I think, when we really let our minds contemplate this fully for a moment, the consequences of ignoring nature are perceptible. Moving in the directions of courage, well, baby steps.

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