Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Competition and Knowledge

I’ve been in deep inquiry around cultural patterns that affect my personal thinking and belief systems. Family of origin patterns, lineage patterns, cultural lineage patterns and investigation of the belief systems and patterns of north America.

Two of the most insidious places I find patterns erupting in my own being have to do with competition and knowledge. These are strongly valued traits in western culture. They are, in my opinion, two of the most difficult patterns to presence in seeking the rebalancing of masculine and feminine.

The paradox of the feminine wisdom, which most serves rebalancing, is a quality of invisibility. This particular wisdom does not boast, does not call attention to itself in a ‘look at me’ way, rather, it is held as a stone that drops deeply into a pool and understand life from the resting place, the depths. Those that do not know these depths can not compete to know. This wisdom can not be ‘read’ or learned from a teacher. It is the gift of a lifetime of putting aside oneself in silent service and the immersion into observation and quiet belonging.

It is the wisdom of the Crone. Another part of the paradox is that a male bodied person will not be a Crone. The rebalance asks a male bodied person to give value to something he will not embody. When this wisdom is given a place at the table the importance will be understood. But this wisdom must come from the true carriers of it. Women of maturity. For when they speak you can feel the rippling of the waters in your own being as it resonates through your cellular memory. After all, each of us were in fact carried in the bodies of own grandmothers in the eggs that the fetus of our mother held from those times. When grandmother speaks, we ‘know’ that truth.

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