Saturday, February 14, 2015

Why are we a Youth Oriented Culture?

I was asked this question by a wise young woman. It is a sacred question really. I often refer to the truth of our youth orientation when talking with friends, the truth of where our culture chooses to put its focus. It isn't so apparent when you are in the up to 40ish age range. Once the entrance into the age when many try all kinds of measures to pretend they are not aging, well, then our youth worshiping nature is obvious. But I can't really answer a definitive why we are this way.

Imagine if the faces we saw on a regular basis in the grocery store magazine racks were those of the most wrinkled and frizzled beings. Imagine if it was their perspective we were listening for. What would it be like if lecture halls were jammed with people who were interested in hearing the stories of those who have lived one hundred years. What might they have noticed in all those decades, all the changes they have lived through?

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