Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shifting towards a Wisdom Culture

In aging there comes a crossroads...the time when you feel that you are no longer young but you are not yet old. Middle aged it is often called. In a culture that orients towards youth the middle years present a particular challenge.

Will I try to keep up appearances of youth? How far will I go? Keeping active, fit and healthy in  body is a gift for an entire life. This is not youth orientation. Working on emotional health and well being is an ageless pursuit.

Trying to 'keep up', whatever this means, might be considered an area to make inquiry around. What am I trying to keep up with? For?

As we age our natural timing and rhythms shift. The gift presented is the possibility to take time for thoughtfulness. What have I learned in all that I have lived through? What are the gems of wisdom I can share? How can I share my experiences? Am I able to take a clear eyed look towards old age and steer my life in ways that will help that time be the fullest and richest possible? Have I been real with myself about where I am headed?

Have you made friends with someone decades older than you? Asked about what life looks like from their point of view? What advice might they offer from their perspective?

Youth are loud. They are often outrageously outspoken. And as we age it is tempting to be quiet in the face of the louder volume. This is a mistake.

It is also a mistake to stay totally peer oriented. Having friends of all ages helps to create a healthy balance of the learning and sharing of wisdom creating connecting threads across generations.

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