Monday, March 16, 2015


There comes a time in every life in which there is nothing that can block out that most primal of forces….…no hurt suffered, no lack, no sorrow….

It beckons, it calls, across all of the pain, hurt, betrayal, pursuits, successes, distractions that life brings along the way. No drug, no addiction, no form of obliteration or obsession can stop that most essential pulse of life…

I may never live in the fullness of it that I most seek. But I can allow love to come through me towards those I come in contact with whether for the short run or the long term.

It feels good to love. The difficult piece is to love without any hope or expectation of return. But the taste of allowing love to come through without any expectation is an addiction in and of itself.

I have felt it, now and then, this sense of love surging fully in my heart. It has nothing to do with what I get. It has everything to do with being present to others in a most vulnerable and authentic way, a way in which another human has the room and space to be true and real about who they are….and the possibility of them living in to the fullest human they can be.

I am no saint. I have my own secret (and not so secret) longings and hopes. I live with disappointments and heartbreak. I have loved and found myself unrequited, at best, and devastated, at worst, when it comes to an intimate other. But in the realm of serving love, for its own highest expression, in this I have had the sweet taste of joy. I have heard others in their authenticity. That I have been entrusted with the deepest vulnerability another has to share is one of the richest forms of love I have ever known.

Love is not about what I get. It is about getting so out of the way that someone else feels they can show up for real about who they are and what is important in their lfie. The thrill of the fullness in my heart when I am trusted in this way is one of my greatest joys of life.

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