Friday, March 6, 2015

Moving with grief.

I walked into the forest yesterday. Shooting Stars are opening. I've also heard them called Love Darts. These teeny bits of vibrant magenta color in an otherwise dry forest floor are thrilling. I went to the forest to sit quietly. A perfect spring day, warm afternoon, I wander until I find the warm spots and then settle down into the duff. My giant Anatolian, Mo, still a puppy, sits next to me at my back, touching me and towers above me.

It might be that the time sitting in the forest is when I feel the most inner peace. There has been so much pressure in my chest, like an active electrical current of emotion pulsing through. My throat has held a lump for days. I understand this to be grief and I am grateful the spaciousness of the forest can absorb this bit by bit without me having to tell a story around what it means. The very act of going out into the woods is the invitation to my body to release.

Some tears come each day.

Grief. One word....a river of experience....grateful to have time to sit and watch it, feel it, let it flow.

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