Saturday, March 14, 2015


What is there to lose, really? I ask this question of myself when it comes to the greatest game of all………life.

I KNOW the end of this game. You do as well.

I’ve seen it too many times now to be in denial around how it all turns out. The point is not about financial success. It is not about the size of my house, my spouse (or lack of one). The point has little to do with my tech savvy or how many gorgeous toys I drive, live with or wear. Having the fullest possible abundance of all of these things (which I am in the fortunate position to be acquainted with) does not alter, in any way, the end of the game.

How I play it is the point. What do I bring to the game? In the end…how do those around me experience me? How am I remembered?

Have I dared to love......have I allowed myself to lose everything that I have thought had value and meaning, whether hypothetically or for real? Have I let that which does not end to be what grows and thrives in me? What kind of legacy have I left for my children, grandchildren and all who come after me?

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