Thursday, March 19, 2015

Finding Joy

It isn't too hard when I stop and look around. Joy is everywhere. I've just got to scale back my expectations about when and where I might find it. Or maybe abandon those expectations altogether and look at life as if I am one year old. Everything has the potential to fascinate. When I took my camera outside to take photos of the masses of violets I really had to get down in them to find an angle that worked. I've been enjoying their perfume just wandering through the garden, they are so abundant. But when I got down in them....oh....a friend tells me that violets carry fairy magic. I have to wonder if violets are fairies. There are few flowers so sweet, so alive, so upright...and I noticed today that they mostly seem to face the paths I have made, regardless of the compass. Could be my imagination...but these dear beings offer me sensuous connection to joy.

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