Friday, March 13, 2015

Self Worth

Is it actually possible to measure my own self worth and the value of what lights me up inside without putting a price tag on it? This is a very real question. It is possible to measure my self worth by standards other than what kind of financial compensation it might bring to me?

It is a very difficult thing to admit that in a consumer society, a society in which I must have money in order to maintain the lifestyle I have adopted as one I agree to, that there must be economic value associated to what lights me up. Otherwise I may not eat. Or pay my electric bill. Or have internet service or connection to others by phone.

It is a very humbling thing to live with the experiences I now have of offering great meaning to the lives of those much younger than I am because of my age and experience….wanted and needed support and wisdom….actually invaluable…..and yet what I offer is not something it feels right to ask for a monetary exchange…it is what might happen quite naturally in a society gives meaning to the elder….

I know that true presence can not be bought. Nor can wisdom, awareness, or consciousness. It is something to be shared freely, mentored over time, out of love for those who are seeking. But I witness all the time the ways in which we have commodified even this ‘skill set’. We have figured out how to credential and monetize eldership.

Living authentically both within and outside of a consumer society is a sacred meditation. I have no answers.

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